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About VanBuddy


VanBuddy is your all-in-one provider of commercial vans and
fit-out solutions. We pride ourselves on being Ireland’s leading
van leasing and sales company. We achieve this by providing our
customers best-in-class van leasing, in the way you need it with
a payment plan that aligns your business for success.

 — JIM COSTELLO, CEO of VanBuddy

What We Do

VanBuddy is different from other van leasing companies. We don’t just source any van or truck (up to 26 tonnes laden weight) that you need. We also fit it out according to your exact specifications, before delivering it to you.

Others may supply you with a vehicle, but then you need a third party supplier if you want a refrigeration unit or shelving installed. You will need somebody else if you want van wrapping to brand the vehicle, or coach building to modify it. Not with us. We do it all for you.

We deliver maximum convenience and efficiency for whenever your business takes to the road. Our quality vans and fit-outs are backed up with high levels of professional service. This ensures we deliver an outstanding customer experience every time.

Van Shelving Fit-Out

All our installations are to the highest standard, and meet all the relevant legal and safety requirements. We stand over everything we do, and everything we supply – from the largest van or truck down to the smallest storage box on a shelving unit in the back.

Remember – when you need a van, truck, or a fleet for delivering goods, transporting tools, or anything else, VanBuddy does it all for you.

Our Van Fit-Outs

Remember that when you deal with, unlike most of the other van leasing companies, we arrange your fit-out as well as your van. This includes refrigeration units, shelving, and coach building.


Van Leasing Companies Refrigerated Vans

Refrigeration units

Refrigeration units can be fitted to any type of van (up to 3.5 tonnes) or truck (up to 26 tonnes) that we supply. Our team will design a refrigeration system to perfectly match your needs, whether it is for frozen goods, chilled goods, or any combination of the two.

The price of design and installation of the refrigeration unit can be built into your monthly payment if you choose the contract hire or leasing finance option. With contract hire, the cost of regularly servicing the refrigeration unit is also built into the monthly fee. We even provide a replacement courtesy vehicle while your regular one is off the road.


Van Leasing Companies Van Shelving

Van Shelving

Our van shelving systems are brought you in association with Edstrom, who have been world leaders for over 50 years.

We use the Edstrom system to design and install any shelving system you many need. Applications range from just being able to store tools or cargo tidily, up to having a complete mobile workshop.

Van Leasing Companies Coach Building

Coach Building

If a vehicle itself needs to be modified in any way to suit your needs, we have partnered with expert coach builders so we can do that too.

Our coach building services cater for all box body trucks, curtain side body trucks, and fridge body trucks. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll arrange it for you.


Choose VanBuddy  and you get a great choice of vehicle financing options
as well as a great choice of vehicle.

Our finance options include contract hire. This sees all running costs apart
from fuel and insurance being included in one fixed monthly payment.
This brings many benefits to any sole trader or company, including:

  • None of the risks associated with ownership.
  • No large initial outlay.
  • All inclusive fixed monthly fee.
  • Provides off-Balance Sheet finance.
  • Allows capital to be invested in core activities.

Van contract hire leasing is an increasingly popular option because of its benefits over other forms of van leasing. These include how one fixed monthly payment covers all recurring running costs, such as:

  • Regular servicing.
  • Breakdown repair.
  • Annual motor tax.
  • CVRT testing.

Other benefits are easier budgeting for vehicle and fleet management costs, and how it can be 100% tax deductible.

Long-term van leasing is a more ‘traditional’ type of van leasing contract. The client agrees to lease a vehicle for a fixed monthly sum for a specified term. The client assumes responsibility for all other costs involved, such as servicing and repairs.

This is the preferred option for clients who may wish to purchase the vehicle when the lease term expires. It can also be the better option for those with access to their own mechanic(s), so that servicing and repair costs are not as high as they might otherwise be.


  • Lower monthly payments than with contract hire leasing.
  • No large initial outlay.
  • Option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease.
  • No mileage restrictions.


  • Responsibility for all servicing costs, breakdown costs, motor tax costs, and other associated costs.

A van lease purchase agreement is for those who know from the outset that they want eventual vehicle ownership.

The client pays an initial deposit, followed by a series of monthly payments and then a final balloon payment.


  • Eventual ownership of the vehicle.
  • Allows the purchase cost to be spread over time.
  • No mileage restrictions.


  • Responsibility for all servicing costs, breakdown costs, motor tax costs, and other associated costs.
  • Responsibility for disposal of the vehicle at the end of its useful life cycle.
  • Vehicle has already substantially depreciated before ownership accrues.
  • Final balloon payment can be larger than the residual value of the vehicle.


– Don Pearson, DP Foods Ltd.

From the initial inquiry to the delivery of the vehicles, I found Jim more than helpful. The vehicles were delivered on time and in pristine condition. I would definitely recommend VanBuddy to anyone.

– Don Pearson, DP Foods Ltd.

– Kieran Doyle, Doyle’s Veg Prep Ltd.

We found VanBuddy to be the perfect solution for our vans. Jim was great to work with, always available and he takes genuine care in the job at hand. Very highly recommended!

– Kieran Doyle, Doyle’s Veg Prep Ltd.

– Noel

Noel here from Cork. I just recently purchased a van from Jim in VanBuddy and found his prices, service and attention to detail excellent. He personally delivered the van to my business and also got an advance DOE completed at my request. I would be have no hesitation in doing business with VanBuddy again. Thanks.

– Noel

– Dave Brennan, Berlin Hair Lounge, Carlow

Did you ever get a pain in trying to get the right van, and maybe never actually succeed succeed in getting it? Look no further than Jim Costello and VanBuddy. From start to finish, I felt like this man was going to go to war for me. I warmed to his attitude , professionalism, and his ability to go that extra mile in securing what the customer wants. I now have the van I craved since last September, without any stress or anything else that goes with dealing in motor industry. Definitely worth a phone call for his persistence in every sector in motor dealing and to see you drive out the gate happy. As Arnie used to say: “I’ll be back”.

– Dave Brennan, Berlin Hair Lounge, Carlow


Do You want to sell a van?

What’s your van worth? Receive the absolute best value for your trade-in vehicle. We even handle all paperwork. Schedule your appointment today!

We have hundreds of unique calls coming to our dedicated team each month and we would be happy to match your trade-in van with their needs.  Each of our vans is given a complete and thorough check and thus can be assured of the best price for your trade-in.

Are You looking for a new van?

We appreciate you taking the time today to visit our web site. Our goal is to give you an interactive tour of our new and used inventory, as well as allow you to conveniently get a quote, schedule a service appointment, or apply for financing. The search for the perfect vehicle is filled with high expectations and we hope we meet and exceed those expectations.

Please browse our site, if you find what you are looking for contact us and if you don’t find what you are looking for please contact us anyway and we will find what you need in extra quick time.

We pride ourselves on having our finger on the pulse of the van business and if there is a van out there that fits your needs, we will find it for you.   We have a dedicated team sourcing vans 24/7 from new to quality low mileage vans and we would be happy to look for the right van for you.


Call us now and let us spend our time instead of yours as we know how valuable your time is.

We know how to handle a wide range of van services.

VanBuddy is not only Ireland’s leading van dealer it is also your one stop shop for many van services such as refrigeration, insulation, van wrapping, shelving, signage, bodywork, conversation to low loader or horse box, maintenance etc.   

Whatever your needs, if it involves your van, contact us. 

Maintain your van to stay safe on the road

Each year a major cause of road accidents is badly maintained vehicles, worn tyres, bad brakes and simple defects like window wipers worn badly.  Don’t allow your van to disintegrate before your eyes, let us help you maintain it properly.  We can schedule your maintenance and remind you when it is due and where to bring it to our partner service engineers who will give you the same excellent service you have come to expect from VanBuddy and it’s affiliate partners.   

Proper maintenance will  not only keep your vans and drivers safer on the road it will add to your trade-in value when the time comes.

Call us today.

How to choose the right van

You may have just started a new business, perhaps your business is expanding so you need a van or you just want to replace an old one.  Whatever your situation choosing the best vehicle is important.

You need the right van for your job with the correct equipment which is right for now and the future.  So how do you make your mind up?

How will you be using your van?

Load type

First you need to decide on the ideal payload for your van.  To do this check the size, weight and volume of your typical load.  Here are some typical weights and sizes to help give you an idea:

  • A bag of dry sand -1330kg per cubic metre
  • A Euro pallet -1200mm x 800mm
  • Baled hay – Up to 225kg per cubic metre
  • A bag of cement – 25kg or 50kg
  • A sheet of MDF – 2440mm x 1220mm x 15mm weighs 30-37kg
  • A bag of potatoes – 50kg
  • A tin of 5L paint – 7kg

Think about how the load will be accessed.  If you have a heavy load you may need access to the load area with a fork-lift truck.  Access to the side of the van may be important if you work in towns.

Finally consider any special requirements the load may have.  For example a catering business may require temperature control in the load space.


We think you should have high expectations of your dealership.

VanBuddy is not like other dealerships, we actually care about what you need and are happy to spend the time getting you the right van.  Whether it is contract hire, leasing or straight purchase we are happy to source your van.   Our expectation is that we will be your first call for many years to come so you can expect us to do everything in our power to get you the right van for your needs.  

Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Don't see the van you are looking for?

VanBuddy is Ireland’s premier source for Quality Used Vans.  If you don’t see the van you are looking for tell us what you want and we will source it for you.  We have vans coming and going from the UK all the time and we would be happy to source the right van for you and organise to get it to your door.  Email us today. 

Do you need repairs and maintenance?

Every Van that VanBuddy delivers is held to the highest standards.  If anything is faulty it will be repaired prior to delivery.  If after delivery something happens and your van needs attention, all you have to do is let us know and we can organise the Repair and Maintenance through one of our affiliate partners.  Most vans come with warranty but if your van is out of warranty we will organise to have it repaired without any big hassle. 

Every new VanBuddy van comes with manufacturers warranty.  Every Quality Used Van comes with Mapfre Warranty which operates just like the manufacturers warranty.  This gives each VanBuddy customer the peace of mind they deserve so they can take care of their business instead of dealing with breakdowns or repairs.   Each contract hire customer has their servicing and repairs taken care of as part of their contract and should there be an issue help is just one call away.


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