As a tradesman, it’s essential to have the best tools to carry out the responsibility. It’s additionally important to have the best van to take into account your business needs, while keeping the running expenses as low as could reasonably be expected.


When looking out for a new van, it’s important to be perfectly clear on the particular necessities of your vehicle so that you choose the best option for your business or personal needs.


Here are some of the tips you should look out for when buying a van:


Reliability is the most significant factor to consider when getting a new van. No one wants a van that’s going to break down all the time. Not only will you miss out on business, it’ll be a nightmare to deal with and cost the business money. When purchasing a van, opt for a make and model that is already well known for its reliability. Reliability is more about the quality of the vans build rather than the interior features and technology.


When it comes to running your van on a daily basis, it’s important to consider not only the miles per gallon, but also the miles between services, tyre and brake wear.If you’re managing a fleet of vehicles, it’s important to keep a record of your current expenses. This way, when you change your vehicle you have a record of your previous costs which can enable you to settle on your choice and think about expenses in future.


If you’re considering buying an off the shelf standard model or a pre-registered van, make sure you choose one that fits your business needs correctly. While an attractive deal can be appealing, choosing a van that does not meet your load and capacity requirements can cost you a lot more in fuel.


When choosing a new van, you’ll need to ensure that the vehicle can perform to the best capacity expected to take care of business, oversee long distances if needed, what’s more,varied terrain in the event that you end up finding a new line of work in the country.


Also, it is best to look out for a new van instead of insisting to urge in buying a used van. Used vans are called “used” for a reason, they’re full of whatever the previous owners have left behind & are probably hiding some costly mechanical issues too. There’s no best time to buy a used van, even if you have a checklist!


Always look for these common problems when planning to buy a used van:

  • Leaks & Drips –  Oil leaks are easy to spot and one of the top things to look for when buying a used van
  • Rust Bucket – Vehicles gets rusty in a long time and you better check it!
  • Flaky Interior – Seat Belts, electric windows, warning lights, the dreaded engine management light & more, always check if something went wrong.
  • Ageing Suspension – A used van might bounce nicely when you first buy it, but the suspension coils have probably already taken a pounding rolling on & off sites.
  • Engine Miles – Always look out for the miles of the van, it’s better to know before buying that the engine has been done loads of work
  • Noisy Air Con – If the air con is loud it could mean the compressor is about to break, & you’d better check the heater too because if both break you either have to lump it in the heat/cold or shell out.
  • Flickering Lights – A used van’s lights will tell you everything you need to know about its electrical system’s health.
  • Dodgy Tyres – When a tyre blows it can cause serious damage to the wheel, axle, suspension, body work, & even cause a crash.
  • Old Brakes – If a used van can’t stop in a straight line, the brake discs & pads are worn down & probably dangerous
  • Steering Issues – Power steering is great, but as the system gets older turning will feel sluggish.


And there are far more than just these 10 problems. Plan and think wise before having to buy a used van, you’re probably just buying someone else’s baggage & costly problems. Lease a brand new one & put that list out of your mind completely.