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Van Finance Clients

Van Buddy offers a range of van leasing options on all vehicles we supply and fit out. These options include:

  • Van contract hire leasing.
  • Long-term van leasing.
  • Van lease purchase.

We also have an exclusive offer where all of our vans come with a FREE Eco C-T Fuel Reduction Unit worth €450 + VAT. This Fuel Reduction Unit will reduce your fuel bills by up to 15%. This offer is exclusive to Van Buddy and applies to all vans.

Van Contract Hire Leasing

Van contract hire leasing is an increasingly popular option because of its benefits over other forms of van leasing. These include how one fixed monthly payment covers all recurring running costs, such as:

  • Regular servicing.
  • Breakdown repair.
  • Annual motor tax.
  • CVRT testing.

Other benefits are easier budgeting for vehicle and fleet management costs, and how it can be 100% tax deductible.

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Long-term van leasing

Long-term van leasing is a more ‘traditional’ type of van leasing contract. The client agrees to lease a vehicle for a fixed monthly sum for a specified term. The client assumes responsibility for all other costs involved, such as servicing and repairs.

This is the preferred option for clients who may wish to purchase the vehicle when the lease term expires. It can also be the better option for those with access to their own mechanic(s), so that servicing and repair costs are not as high as they might otherwise be.


  • Lower monthly payments than with contract hire leasing.
  • No large initial outlay.
  • Option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease.
  • No mileage restrictions.


  • Responsibility for all servicing costs, breakdown costs, motor tax costs, and other associated costs.

Van lease purchase

A van lease purchase agreement is for those who know from the outset that they want eventual vehicle ownership.

The client pays an initial deposit, followed by a series of monthly payments and then a final balloon payment.


  • Eventual ownership of the vehicle.
  • Allows the purchase cost to be spread over time.
  • No mileage restrictions.


  • Responsibility for all servicing costs, breakdown costs, motor tax costs, and other associated costs.
  • Responsibility for disposal of the vehicle at the end of its useful life cycle.
  • Vehicle has already substantially depreciated before ownership accrues.
  • Final balloon payment can be larger than the residual value of the vehicle.

The best choice for van leasing

We find that the best choice for van leasing for many of our clients is contract hire van leasing. However, we will discuss all options with you or your fleet manager, to see what suits you or your company best. We will then tailor-make a van leasing package to suit you.

For more on any aspect of van leasing, just call us at +35319109930 or use our contact form.